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Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the #1 Dubai Free Zone for company setup, was established to provide the physical, market, and financial infrastructure required to set up a commodity marketplace in Dubai. DMCC offers a unique opportunity for market participants in a wide range of commodities across four major sectors including precious commodities (gold, diamonds, colored stones, and pearls), energy-related sectors, steel and base metals, and soft agricultural commodities (tea, cotton, and others). DMCC attracts key players throughout the entire value chain of each of these commodity sectors, together with a range of support industries such as finance, logistics, consulting, and insurance.

Core Sectors: DMCC follows the same licensing activities as the Dubai Department of Economic Development. There are over 600 business activities, ranging across 20 sectors that include Energy, Commodities, Gold and Diamonds, Technology, Construction, FMCG, Healthcare, Aviation, Shipping, Education, and Media, as well as services such as Professional, Financial, Personal, and Community.

Recommended for: Investors and companies involved with trading business activities and professional consulting services. DMCC is home to many well-known trading and service companies in the region.

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 0% Corporate Tax provided they comply with all regulatory requirements
  • Quick, easy, and efficient setup process
  • 100% capital repatriation
  • Wide range of business licenses and business activities
  • Offer of freehold commercial properties for sale and lease at affordable rates
  • Flexible office solutions including serviced offices, flexi desks, and shared offices
  • Efficient immigration, labour services, and visa support
  • Networking opportunities through DMCC events and workshops
  • Regular updates on the latest developments in regulations and compliance standards
  • DMCC online portal and effective online solutions for services
  • Prestigious address in the Jumeriah Lake Towers area and close to Dubai Marina
  • Trade
  • Professional (Service)
  • Industrial
  • Commercial and General Trading
  • Modern infrastructure with commercial and residential towers
  • Offices shell and core, serviced offices, and virtual/flexi desks
  • Retail outlets
  • Light manufacturing facilities

We will guide you through every step to get your DMCC business set up and your company bank account opened as soon as possible.

  • Step 1. Expert consultation
    Discovery session to analyze your needs and design a solution fit for your business purpose. Creation services include business registration, professional PRO services, visa, labour and immigration services, banking account opening support, and all other business setup formalities.
  • Step 2. Select company type
    Once an investor/company decides on the business activities, the company structure type needs to be chosen. There are three entity structure types which include:

    • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
    • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)
    • Branch of a Company (locally in the UAE or foreign)
  • Step 3. Prepare your company registration
    You will be assigned to a dedicated Creation account manager. Your account manager will list the documents required to complete all the formalities for getting your company registration completed in the fastest possible time.
  • Step 4. Select and lease business premises
    The company registration will require you to lease a business location within the free zone. DMCC free zones’ minimum office rental is a flexi desk. There is a wide range of commercial business facility spaces within DMCC from shell and core offices to ready-to-operate retail outlets.
  • Step 5. Receive business license
    Once you select and finalize the business location, the company registration is completed. Creation will provide you with your full company incorporation documentation which includes trade license, certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • Step 6. Corporate bank account opening
    Following this, you will be eligible for a corporate bank account. We have partnered with the most reputable UAE banking institutions and can assist with getting your corporate bank account opened.
  • Step 7. Finalize UAE residency visas
    Once the company setup is finalized, we will advise on the requirements to complete the visa process for investors, employees, spouses, and dependents.

Expert Consultation


Business Review & Strategy


Business Licence,Bank Account Opening & Obtaining Visas


Select and Lease Business Premises


Receive Business License


Corporate Bank Account Opening


Finalize UAE Residency Visas



  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • In the heart of Dubai, at the centre of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers district
  • 100% Business Ownership &
    Capital Repatriation
  • Starting from AED 50,000
  • 2-8 weeks
  • 0% Corporate Tax provided they comply with all regulatory requirements
  • Required annually


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A DMCC license is a business license issued by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, which will permit a company to trade and operate within DMCC free zone authority and internationally. DMCC is one of the fastest growing free zones for trading international commodities in the world.

An LLC is regarded as an entity separate from its shareholders. An LLC company does not extend its liabilities to its shareholders. Generally, the shareholder’s liabilities are limited to the amount of unpaid share capital. Under DMCC company rules and regulations, all share capital is required to be paid up (i.e., deposited in the company’s bank account).

A DMCC company must have a minimum of one shareholder and one director, who can both be non-residents of the UAE, and can be the same person. A minimum paid-up share capital of AED 50,000 (USD $13,615) is required for the establishment of a DMCC company.

DMCC company incorporation includes an initial consultation with Creation Business Consultants. Our team will guide you in choosing the right activities, legal type, and office facilities. Following on we will complete the application and submission of the required documents. If you are looking to set up a business in DMCC, reach out to our team via email – [email protected] and we will arrange a free expert consultation.

Establishments and individuals operating in DMCC are exempt from all taxes including personal tax and corporate tax (provided they comply with all regulatory requirements). This rule is in effect for a period of 50 years from the date of inception with DMCC free zone. Should you have any tax inquiries, reach out to our team at [email protected] and a member of our Tax Department will be able to assist.

Entities must register for VAT if its taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 375,000 per annum. It is optional for entities whose supplies and imports exceed AED 187,500 per annum.

The common license types in DMCC are trading license, industrial license, and service license. The type of license that is right for your business will depend on your business’s nature, activities, and goals. Our team of business structuring experts is ready to complete your discovery free consultation to guide you on the right license type, activities, and options for your company. Email  [email protected] today and we will arrange a consultation call.

Some of the amenities and lease options in DMCC are flexi desk, serviced office, physical office, and retail shop or space.

Hundreds of business activities are available for DMCC company set-up. The business activities offer a wide range from general trading to consulting and services for every type of industry. Reach out to Creation Business Consultants at [email protected] for your free no commitment consultation with our DMCC licensing team experts.

DMCC free zone license renewal costs will depend on the company’s structure, license type, and business activities. If you require our assistance to complete your DMCC company renewal, reach out to our renewal team at [email protected] for more information and free consultation.

DMCC offers flexibility to make amendments to your existing DMCC company. Share transfer, company name change, change of shareholders or management, change of activity and other variety of amendment services are feasible in DMCC. Reach out to Creation’s structuring team at [email protected] for guidance and support on your company amendment service request.

The minimum requirements for the liquidation of a DMCC company include cancelation of all visas under the DMCC company, resolutions, clearance certificates and liquidation reports, etc. Contact our team at [email protected] for assistance on your DMCC company liquidation.

The costs of a UAE residence visa under a DMCC free zone company will vary on a few factors such as inside the country or outside the country application; investor/partner type visa or employment visa. For more information, contact our visa specialists at [email protected] for your visa consultation meeting.

Below are the types of new DMCC companies:

  1. Individual: Owned by single or multiple shareholders that are natural persons.
  2. Joint Venture: A a company owned by a combination of individual(s) and company(ies) or owned by more than one company.
  3. Subsidiary: A company owned 100% by another company (“Parent”). The subsidiary company may perform different business activities than its Parent, and may have a different company name. It is worth noting that a subsidiary is defined differently for accounting purposes.
  4. Branch: A branch is legally part and an extension of the parent company and does not have a legal identity distinct from its parent company.

Entities with taxable supplies over AED 375,000 per annum are obliged to register for VAT. The general UAE VAT rate is 5%, which applies to the majority of goods and services; however, some goods and services may be subject to a 0% rate or be exempt from VAT (subject to specific conditions being met).

A DMCC license is a business operating license issued by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). DMCC is the leading centre for trading international commodities and the fastest growing free zone in the world.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre is a free zone in the Emirate of Dubai which is regulated by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCCA). The authority introduced new DMCCA Company Regulations 2020 with a set of new employment and licensing rules.

Entities incorporated in DMCC are free zone companies. The entity options for company setup include a new company, subsidiary, or branch company.

DMCC means Dubai Multi Commodities Centre. DMCC is one of the most credible free zones in Dubai and the UAE. DMCC free zone offers a range of suitable options and a prime location for your company setup and expansion in Dubai, UAE.

DMCC member advantages include 0% personal and corporate income tax, 100% business ownership, capital repatriation, strategic location, flexible solutions, and an efficient online portal for all services.

No. DMCC is a free zone situated in Dubai, UAE.


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