Our Mergers & Acquisitions consultants have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through the M&A process. From introducing strategic partners, preparing investor packs, forming strategies, due diligence to integration or divestiture, Creation Business Consultants provide solutions to support you to achieve your growth objectives.




  • Identifying and developing strategies for integrating on and creating a plan to bring together different systems, processes, or organisations to achieve a common goal.
  • The goal of integration is to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance by eliminating duplication, reducing costs, and improving communication and collaboration.


  • It refers to the process of planning and organising the terms and conditions of a merger or acquisition transaction. It involves determining the financial, legal, and operational aspects of the transaction.


  • It is the process of negotiating the terms and conditions of a merger or acquisition transaction between the buyer and the seller. The goal of M&A deal negotiation is to reach a mutually acceptable agreement that meets the needs and objectives of both parties.


  • The process of overseeing the M&A process involves managing and coordinating all aspects of the transaction to ensure that it is executed effectively and efficiently. The goal of overseeing the M&A process is to ensure that the transaction meets the objectives of the buyer and the seller and that all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome.


  • It refers to the process of preparing and reviewing the legal documents that are necessary to complete the transaction. The goal of drafting & vetting is to ensure that the terms of the transaction are clearly defined and legally enforceable.


  • It refers to the process of reviewing and verifying the financial and operational aspects of the transaction to ensure that it has been executed in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The goal of deal auditing & closure is to ensure that the transaction is completed successfully and that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.


  • M&A Tax Advisory refers to the process of providing tax-related advice and guidance to organisations involved in M&A transactions. The goal of M&A Tax Advisory is to help organisations minimize their tax liabilities and maximize their after-tax returns in the context of a merger or acquisition transaction.


The joining of two or more business entities that involve a change of their corporate structure is referred to as a merger or acquisition. They seek to improve internal efficiencies within the company to boost competence and productivity. However, there are key differences between an acquisition and a merger in terms of initiation, procedure, and conclusion.

When two or more organisations decide to combine forces to form a new company, this is known as a merger. Contrary, an acquisition occurs when a bigger, more financially secure firm buys out a smaller one.

Expansion and competition are two of many reasons. A business must adapt while reducing expenses when it faces competition. Acquiring rival companies is one way to make them less of a threat. By acquiring additional product lines, intellectual property, human resources, and customer bases, businesses use M&A to grow. Combining business operations usually results in improved overall performance efficiency and decreased overall costs as one company makes use of the advantages of the other.

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Our Merger & Acquisition consultants have the insight and experience to advise corporate and private equity investors through the M&A process. From introducing strategic partners, preparing investor packs, forming strategies, and due diligence to integration or divestiture, we provide solutions to support you to achieve your growth objectives.

We will assist you in assessing and evaluating the target, its market, and the competitive climate, whether your target firm is headquartered in the UAE or is international.

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Through careful planning and professional advice, the minimal risks connected to Mergers and Acquisitions in the UAE can be reduced. You can handle the Mergers and Acquisitions procedure easily with the assistance of professional consultants, ensuring adherence to legislations and reducing potential risks.
For an expert consultation, contact Creation Business Consultants via email [email protected] or call +971 4 878 6240 today.

In the UAE, private M&A transactions are typically structured around share sales. This involves transferring ownership of shares in exchange for cash. Transactions can either involve buying all the shares of a company or just a certain percentage. Recently, there has been a trend towards deals where payment is made over time, especially in venture capital and early-stage deals. Additionally, there has been a rise in asset acquisitions, where buyers select specific assets to purchase instead of acquiring the entire company.

In M&A transactions, share sales and asset sales represent two primary structures, each with distinct characteristics and potential outcomes. Share sales involve the transfer of ownership of shares, resulting in minimal disruption to the target’s business operations. However, buyers may face the risk of assuming all liabilities of the target entity unless specifically carved out in the transaction documentation. This risk underscores the importance of due diligence, especially considering the limited public information available in the UAE. On the other hand, asset sales allow buyers to select specific assets and liabilities to acquire, providing more control over the transaction.

Nonetheless, asset sales often require tripartite agreements for asset transfer, which may not automatically occur, and regulatory approvals may be necessary, particularly for assets in regulated sectors. These factors should be carefully considered by parties involved in M&A transactions to determine the most suitable structure for their objectives and risk tolerance.

The choice of transaction structure often depends on whether the buyer wants to take on all assets and liabilities of the target or only specific assets. Additionally, if the buyer aims to merge the target’s business with its own, a statutory merger might be preferred. In auction processes, buyers must consider if they are comfortable with limited control over the transaction’s pace and if they’re willing to invest significant time and resources without a guarantee of being selected. Limited information availability during auctions, especially in the UAE, adds complexity. Sellers, on the other hand, must decide if they want more control over the process and if they prefer having access to multiple potential buyers in case the preferred one backs out.

At the start of a private M&A deal, parties usually sign two main agreements:

  • NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA): This agreement ensures that buyers keep sensitive business information confidential and refrain from sharing it.
  • PRELIMINARY AGREEMENT: This document outlines the key terms of the deal. It can be binding or non-binding, with non-binding agreements being more common in the UAE. However, even non-binding agreements may include legally enforceable terms, especially regarding confidentiality and exclusivity. It’s worth noting that enforcing binding terms in the UAE courts can be challenging, as they typically do not grant specific performance or injunctive relief. Therefore, it’s advisable to have preliminary agreements governed by the laws of the DIFC or the ADGM, where such remedies may be available.

In M&A transactions, buyers usually conduct legal and financial due diligence on the target company. Depending on the target’s industry and nature of business, additional specific due diligence may also be performed.

Legal due diligence involves thorough reviews of various areas, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Structure and Licensing.
  • Tax and Compliance.
  • Accounts and Financial Arrangements.
  • Real Estate and Assets.
  • Insurance, Litigation and Disputes.
  • Key Contracts, Intellectual Property, and IT.
  • Employment.

Buyers should consider the areas of the business they want to investigate, allocate sufficient time, and budget for the process, and assess their risk tolerance and familiarity with the region and industry. For cost-conscious buyers, a red-flag due diligence, focusing on key concerns like foreign ownership restrictions and regulatory issues, is becoming more common to streamline costs.

Shareholder and corporate approval are typically required for both share and asset sales, as per UAE Commercial Companies Law. Shareholders of limited liability companies usually have pre-emption rights. Notarized powers of attorney are necessary for individuals executing local transfer documents on behalf of corporate parties. Regulatory approvals may also be needed, depending on whether the entity is onshore or in a free zone. Free zone transactions often require approval from the relevant free zone authority, while mainland and free zone companies require updated commercial licenses from the respective licensing authorities.

The main documents for a private M&A share sale include the sale and purchase agreement (SPA), usually drafted by the buyer, and a disclosure letter by the seller. Additionally, there are documents like the share transfer and amendments to the target’s memorandum of association, typically drafted by the buyer (its representative). Each party also prepares its own corporate approvals.

In asset sales, agreements for transferring specific assets are needed, such as novation’s of contracts and real estate transfers. Other documents may include shareholder agreements and transitional service agreements, typically drafted by the party owning the majority stake and the buyer’s legal team, respectively.


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