Our M&A Tax Service in Saudi Arabia is part of our tax consultancy services in Saudi Arabia.

Closing a successful deal efficiently requires a calculated approach to address the potential tax implications of a merger or acquisition. Business today is under increasing pressure to deliver better results for stakeholders. Whether you’re buying, selling, partnering, funding or fixing a company, the process can be complex and risky.

During the due diligence phase of your deal, we partner with you to identify tax risks and valuation issues that could impact valuation and expected cash flow including, but not limited to, exposure quantification, tax attribute identification, tax modelling input and planning for integration.

We can help add value well beyond traditional tax compliance and due diligence by focusing on opportunities that arise within, and because of an acquisition.

We partner with you to develop and implement transaction structures; and understanding the related tax effects of those structures, we gather and assess various data inputs and assumptions including, but not limited to:

  • Purchase price.
  • Enterprise value.
  • Tax basis of assets.
  • Assumed liabilities and transaction costs.

We understand the tax implications and tight deadlines of these transactions and, through our correspondent firms we bring both local and international tax knowledge to our clients. We address your concerns including:


  • Identifying potential issues, hidden tax exposures and undisclosed tax liabilities and determining how the issues identified should be dealt with in negotiations, deal execution and post transaction planning.
  • Assessing potential future tax benefits, how they might be impacted by the proposed transaction and the impact on valuation.


  • Structuring the acquisition or disposal of an asset or a company tax efficiently.
  • Achieving tax efficient returns to shareholders on a future exit or refinancing.

Our team has deep knowledge and experience in working with complex transactions in the GCC and Africa.


We can assist corporate and private equity investors in helping with domestic and cross-border transactions including:

  • Tax due diligence – identifying tax risks of target corporations that impact corporate valuations and how they may be mitigated.
  • Structuring an acquisition or disposition – Tax advice on the tax consequences of individual acquisitions, joint ventures and divestments to help design a tax-efficient transaction structuring.
  • Transaction documentation reviews – Tax review of transaction documentation to ensure protection from potential tax liabilities that may be incurred in the future.
  • Tax modeling – assisting in forecasting post-deal tax liabilities using business models.
  • Vendor assistance – preparing vendor side documentation and tax advice on the tax implications of the sale of a business, including pre-deal reorganisation measures and settlement of historic tax risks.
  • Post-deal integration – helping clients reconcile their own tax positions and those of the acquired business.
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